The changing climate is already impacting Vermont's communities and working landscape. It is urgent that Vermonters adapt to those changes while also lowering their contribution to climate change. We bring this sense of urgency to our three areas of focus:

  • Land Use: Encouraging working farms and forests, compact settlements, and watershed land use that protects communities, soil, and water quality.
  • Energy: Improving buildings and transportation systems in order to lower fossil fuel use.
  • Sustainable Agriculture: Promoting healthy soil and expanding agricultural markets.

We do our work through charitable grantmaking, research, convenings, direct engagement of our staff, and investing for mission impact. We particularly value initiatives that demonstrate social and marketplace innovations.


looking ahead to 2016

As we wrote our work plan for 2016 the High Meadows board and staff benefited from working with David Grant, author of the Social Profit Handbook. David challenged us to set out examples of what success looks like to us. This year's work plan articulates more clearly the social justice implications of climate change in Vermont and gives greater emphasis to land use that supports community resilience and healthy soil.

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Our work often falls within multiple areas of focus. We embrace such intersections and we value collaboration, learning, and the sharing of best practices.