Biomass, the Forest Economy, and Forest Health

High Meadows Fund-Sponsored Reports

  • February 2016 | Vermont Forest Sector Systems Analysis | This analysis of economic opportunities in Vermont's forest products sector was conducted by Yellow Wood Associates, in partnership with the Working Lands Enterprise Board and the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks, and Recreation. Findings called for strengthening all aspects of forest value chains, particularly in the areas of furniture and solid wood, construction, and wood energy. The report also noted the importance of marketing about the value of Vermont's forests, proper forest management, and the availability of products from Vermont's forests. 
  • August 2013 | Vermont's Forest Economy: Advancing Creativity and Entrepreneurship in Value-Added Forest Products | This conference, hosted by the Windham Foundation with support from the High Meadows Fund, brought together leadership and experience in public policy, state government, and key sectors of the forest products economy to frame ideas that advance opportunities and prosperity for the future of the industry.
  • March 2012 | Poultney Woodshed Project Final Report | This report, by the Hubbard Brook Research Foundation, investigated the possibility of securing an increased portion of Green Mountain College's biomass energy requirements from local, privately owned forestlands, with the wood harvested in a sustainable manner.

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