We Have Something To Tell You!

Last year, High Meadows became curious about where our colleagues around the state see opportunities for High Meadows to make a greater impact. We hired Miriam Shark to interview around thirty grantees, funders, and other partners on our behalf. You can read about some of what we learned from these conversations here. One suggestion, from both funders and grantees, was that High Meadows share more proactively what we observe and learn from the work we support. While we have occasionally posted stories and blog posts a couple of times a year, we are now planning to do this more regularly.

What we write will  likely reflect our Vermont-focused mission as a philanthropic organization with an appreciation for the interconnectedness of economic vitality, healthy ecosystems, and vibrant and just communities. A few examples of the topics we see on our horizon are:

  •  Observations about actions that make organizations stronger, like encouraging geographic and age diversity on governance boards.
  • Comments about the role of philanthropy as a lever for change, in collaboration with—or in contrast to—the role of the public sector or for-profit businesses;
  • Reflections on lessons that are influencing our approach to grants and investments— for example, committing to an initiative to scale up and strengthen Vermont food hubs.

The writing will take a couple different shapes. On our Meadows Muffins blog, the High Meadows staff will speak in their own voices and share their thinking on subjects like what we’ve mentioned above. We’ll also be writing longer stories about the people and organizations that are doing the actual work out in Vermont. We want to make their efforts more visible and highlight their points of connection to other people and work around the state.

We hope our writing will foster conversation and greater learning. We welcome reflections about our observations, in emails, phone conversations, or meetings.

If you’re interested in keeping up with our writing, scroll down to the bottom of this page. You’ll find a box where you can enter your email and subscribe to our Meadow Muffins blog. Once you sign up, you’ll only get a message when we publish something new.  You can also email hmf[at]vermontcf[dot]org, and we’ll get you on the list.