Leaning Forward to 2017

It is with a renewed sense of urgency that High Meadows reviews our collective progress of last year and leans into new opportunities in 2017.  As the national dialogue on climate becomes more removed from science, even as the very real impacts of climate change threaten vulnerable communities, Vermont’s investment in climate resilience and the vitality of our working landscape is critical.

Over the past year High Meadows put over $1.1 million to work in service of our mission to promote more vibrant communities and a healthy natural environment, while encouraging long term economic vitality in Vermont.  A full list of our grants and investments can be found elsewhere on our website.

We believe policy and investment choices should make communities stronger, more vibrant and equitable, as well as more resilient to the changing climate. For HMF, resilience means the capacity not just to bounce back from stresses and disruptive events, but also to plan and act in the face of risks, challenges, and opportunities. This means both reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and acting in the face of already present climate risks.

We take seriously the need to understand the impact of our investments and the need to be strategic in our choices. Our reflections on 2016 and the year ahead are here. Our summary work plan for 2017 is here. We welcome your thoughts in response and we look forward to the year ahead. There’s a lot of work to do!