We're taking a closer look at the impact of a few of our core grantees: 

Branon Family Maple Orchards: Conserving Working Forests Through Ongoing Partnership

The ownership, economics, and composition of Vermont’s forestlands have changed over the past fifty years. Through these changes, the Vermont Land Trust has partnered with landowners. One method of partnership has been land acquisition: in 1997, The Vermont Land Trust (VLT) and the Nature Conservancy of Vermont (TNC), with the support of the Freeman Foundation, partnered to purchase 26,789 acres of actively managed forestland from the Atlas Plywood Company. VLT and TNC formed the Atlas Timberlands Partnership (“The Partnership”) in order to illustrate how land conservation organizations can work together to achieve shared goals.


Rogers Farmstead: Farmland Access with the Vermont Land Trust

The Vermont Land Trust’s Farmland Access Program aims to match farmers with affordable land to grow crops or raise animals. Successful farmland conservation is more than keeping farmland in farming. It involves building relationships with aspiring new farmers, establishing trust with existing farmers who wish to sell their land, and connecting new farmers to agronomic, ecological, and financial resources that will enable them to succeed. Finding the right owner for a certain parcel requires flexibility through ownership transitions, and that right owner must design a business that deals with challenges inherent to agriculture and specific to their parcel of land.