Resilient Land Use and Smart Growth

For the High Meadows Fund, resilience means the capacity not just to bounce back from stresses and disruptive events, but also to plan and act in the face of risks, challenges, and opportunities. HMF supports leadership and innovation that encourages working farms and forests, compact settlements and land use that protects upstream and downstream communities, soil, and water quality.

High Meadows Fund-Supported Initiatives

  • 2015-2017 Watershed Resilience Planning and Action Grants in six watersheds. For more information, see our Watershed Resilience page.
  • August 2015 | Resilient Vermont Progress Report | This report summarizes progress made towards the Resilient Vermont Network's 23 recommendations. The Resilient Vermont network seeks to strengthen social, environmental, and economic resilience in Vermont. Check out Resilient Vermont's website for up-to-date information. 
  • October 2014 | A Primer on Ecosystem Services in Vermont | Mary McBryde of Long Haul Consulting provided the High Meadows board and staff an introductory overview of ecosystem services, particularly those related to water.
  • December 2013 | Vermont's Roadmap to Resilience | Led by the Institute for Sustainable Communities, with support from the High Meadows Fund. This report led to the formation of the Resilient Vermont network. 

Resources for Land Use Planning to Build Resilience and Promote Smart Growth