High Meadows seeks applications for projects that engage residents from multiple towns within a watershed to plan and act together. Through this initiative, we seek to encourage communities to work together to protect people, farms, homes, roads, and water quality, not just in their own town, but also upstream and downstream. High Meadows is committing $180,000 to these 2017 grants.

For High Meadows , resilience means the capacity not just to bounce back from disruptive events, but also to plan and act ahead of those events. Flooding and erosive water surges are two of Vermont's most significant climate impacts. In order to reduce the risk from these events, communities must understand how their land use decisions impact upstream and downstream neighbors, and work collaboratively, as a watershed, to build resilience.  

Key dates to remember: 
February 10, 2017: Letters of Intent due
March 24-25, 2017: ECHO Summit
June 1, 2017: Applications due

This follows a first round of $249,000 in grants awarded to communities across 6 Vermont watersheds. For more information on 2015-2017 projects, click here or watch the video below.