Building Resilience in Vermont's Watersheds: 2015-2017 Grants

In July, 2015, the High Meadows Fund committed $249,000 to promote planning and action in six Vermont watersheds. Through this initiative, we hoped to encourage communities to work together to change land use in ways that protect people, farms, homes, roads, and water quality, not just in their own town, but also upstream and downstream.

The video below offers an overview of the initiative.

Grants were awarded to the following watersheds (click on each name for more information):

For information on the next phase of these grants, to be awarded in 2017, click here


Thinking Like a Watershed: this blog post offers insights from Vermont and beyond about working together as a watershed. 

The videos linked below offer an in-depth view of the work of five of our watershed teams:

This project summary offers a 1 page overview of the initiative, and descriptions of each project.

Read this July 2015 press release about the grant awards.

Access the original RFP.

All teams attended the ECHO Summit, in March 2015. Watch the video below to learn more about the positive impact of the summit on these projects: